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When to Go Public

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Many business owners are unsure of just when to take their companies public. While it may be easy to assume that going public will translate into mountains of profits and hordes of capital from outside investors. The reality can be quite different, which is why you should consult with a Houston securities attorney when strategizing major changes for your business such as considering taking your company public.

Our firm works hard to provide businesses the legal resources they need to stay in-step with state and federal regulations and make the best legal moves for their company. We bring our over 15 years of experience to each client we interact with. Attorney Samuel E. Whitley has even been included in the listing of Super Lawyers® Rising Stars for his knowledgeable counsel. Trust Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law to put your business needs first!

Reasons to Go Public

Choosing if and when to go public is a major decision in the life of any company, meaning having professional advice is key. This is where our firm can help.

The goals for any company going public usually include:

  • Creating liquidity for existing shareholders and allowing them to sell stock at a higher valuation
  • Creating currency for future acquisitions
  • Creating stock-based compensation for employees
  • Building legitimacy and credibility among customers, suppliers, and investors
  • Raising money in public markets for business expansion

Only the largest of companies make a substantial windfall just after going public and realistic expectations should be in full view.

In general a company should only go public when it is profitable. Just how profitable depends in large part on the company and industry, but if annual profits are under $1 million, it may be wise to hold off on going public.

Precautions to take Seriously

Going public can also mean incurring certain costs such as annual audits, quarterly reviews of financial statements, and other obligations. Companies who go public need to have a good accounting system in place, an accountant or CFO who can create GAAP-compliant financial statements, a report-filing system with the SEC, and they will need legal counsel to prepare these yearly and quarterly reports.

All these are good reasons not to go public too early—going public to raise the necessary funds to pay for the requirements just mentioned is not a good idea.

Speak with our Houston securities lawyer who can apprise you of what going public can mean for your business and provide you with the legal advice you need.

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