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Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law is an established corporate law firm with over 15 years of experience that provides foreign and domestic companies with sophisticated, comprehensive legal services. Our firm advises clients on joint ventures, raising capital, and recapitalizations. To arrange a consultation with a knowledgeable Houston corporate finance lawyer, contact our firm today. We are dedicated to providing clients with transparent legal fees—flat fees either per service or on a monthly basis for most matters.

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Corporate finance encompasses efforts to raise capital for a corporation, manage its finances, and increase its value to its shareholders.

At Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law, we provide guidance on all aspects of corporate finance, including:

  • Managing sources of funding
  • Maximizing capital structure of a corporation
  • Raising public and private capital
  • Investment in, or formation of, a hedge fund, private equity fund or venture capital fund
  • Appropriate allocation of corporate financial resources, including investment analysis and capital management
  • Financing investments with debt or equity
  • Financing business operations (ex: with bank loans)
  • Avoiding taxation pitfalls

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With our Houston corporate finance lawyer, we can work directly with investment banks, brokers, lenders, underwriters, and other third parties to negotiate, review, prepare and structure the appropriate agreements for your company’s specific needs. If you would like to learn more about our legal services pertaining to corporate finances, we encourage you to get in touch with us for a consultation about your case. We can help regardless of whether you have a one-time matter or need a permanent solution for general counsel.

Please do not hesitate to complete the online form or call Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law at (281) 206-0434 to work with an experienced Houston business investment attorney. We proudly offer Spanish speaking services.

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