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Private Equity Fund Formation

Private Equity Fund Formation

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Private equity funds offer flexible investment opportunities for the savvy investor. Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law provides trusted guidance in forming private equity funds and assurance that the fund complies with applicable regulations. To speak with an authority on formation and compliance of private equity funds, contact Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law. We proudly offer a confidential consultation to every client, as well as transparent, flat legal fees.

Forming a Private Equity Fund in Texas

Private equity funds are usually structured as limited partnerships, governed by a limited partnership agreement. The general partner of the fund manages the fund; limited partners invest capital and receive investment returns. In some cases, capital to make an investment or acquisition is raised through debt financing, sometimes referred to as a leveraged buyout. The fund uses the capital raised to make investments in portfolio companies.

For new funds, Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law begins by determining whether a private equity fund is the most effective strategy to meet your investment objectives. Our Houston private equity law firm has significant experience structuring funds, preparing associated documents, and performing the necessary due diligence for potential investors. We can ensure that your needs are met throughout the process—including answering any questions you may have and implementing necessary changes to meet your evolving business goals and needs.

Consult with Our Texas Regulatory Compliance Attorney

Compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and state regulations is a crucial component of forming a private equity fund. To ensure compliance with all aspects of forming and managing the fund, Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law provides advisory services.

To discuss your needs with an experienced Houston regulatory compliance lawyer, complete the online form or call (281) 206-0434.

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