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Expanding Abroad? A Houston international business lawyer can protect you!

Joint ventures are partnerships between two or more companies which can last for a determined length of time for various ends. Many businesses that look to extend the reach of their joint ventures internationally mistakenly believe the terms and conditions regulating such enterprises are the same as partnerships with U.S. companies. When you want to establish international joint ventures, you need to ensure you are doing so according to all international codes and regulations, which is why you should look to Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law for help as soon as you can.

Looking to take your business international? Speak with our Houston international business attorney today to protect your rights!

For over 15 years, our firm has handled business and litigation cases for countless clients seeking to move their companies forward. Our Houston international business lawyer has worked alongside energy companies, manufacturers, investment firms, and other entities to provide needed legal counsel and guidance for all international business ventures. As a recognized Rising Star by Super Lawyers®, Attorney Samuel E. Whitley provides the direction businesses need to protect themselves from potential rivals and international law which could threaten your business.

Protect Yourself and Your Company

Creating a joint venture overseas can bring great rewards but there are risks involved when a different set of laws are in play. Threats can come from countries with limited government support for business, ineffective legal enforcement, immature infrastructure, or limited intellectual property protection.

International joint venture agreements need to protect you in specific areas:

  • Security and confidentiality
  • Legal compliance
  • Proprietary rights
  • Fees and payment terms
  • Auditing rights
  • Dispute resolution process

It can be important to determine and protect the equity of all parties’ contributions when pursuing an international joint venture and our Houston international joint venture attorney can outline the scope of the partnership agreement to keep you apprised of possible conflicts or complications.

Reputable Business Law Attorney in Houston

Our firm is dedicated to assisting with your international joint venture so it can prosper while being legally sound and we even offer Spanish-speaking services. Speak with Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law today to learn how we can facilitate and protect your joint venture!

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