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Whether you are a business owner, investor, employee or a company executive, we at Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law can provide with comprehensive legal services for a wide range of business law matters. Our securities attorneys possess in-depth knowledge regarding business law issues and will do everything possible to provide you with a results-driven strategy that reflects your goals.

We can assist you with the following kinds of business law matters:

Our firm also provides hedge fund formation services, including providing turnkey formation of private investment funds. We can monitor legislative and regulatory developments and handle investor inquiries on your behalf. When you turn to our law firm for help, you can feel at ease in knowing that you are turning to seasoned and proven legal professionals. We are proud to be led by Attorney Samuel E. Whitley, who has been selected for inclusion in the list of Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠.

What Are Securities Laws?

Security laws are a group of laws that regulate and govern the dispersion of securities. A security is used to raise money by investors for their business. The most popular examples of securities are stocks, bonds, mortgages and loans. The securities laws are regulations that ensure the business is operating fairly to the public and those buying and selling securities. The investors are hoping to profit from buying securities and the business is hoping to raise money. Most securities are open to the public although some may be private to a small group of investors.

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Houston Lawyers for Domestic & International Businesses

In today’s global business market, you often need to interact and negotiate with business people who do not speak your language. We believe that business ventures should not be limited by geography or language barriers. This is why we offer our clients Spanish-speaking services, which can be beneficial when doing business with Spanish-speaking investors or Latin American companies. Whether your unresolved business matter is of a domestic or international nature, our legal team can provide you with a strategic plan of action to ensure your business operations are fully and legally compliant.

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Regardless of how straightforward or complicated your matter may seem, our securities lawyer is ready and willing to help. We are deeply interested in forging long-lasting relationships with clients that can withstand the constantly changing economic and business climate. Together, we can make your business goals a reality.

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