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Reverse mergers defined

Texas entrepreneurs may have heard of the concept of the reverse merger before but might be confused on the details. A reverse merger is the acquisition by a privately held company of a publicly traded one that is currently dormant in most situations. This public company is known as a shell company, due to the[...]
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IPOs in Texas

Any Texas corporation that wishes to make its first offering of stock to the public may find it helpful to review the process and prepare their firm for it as much as possible. Although the initial public offering of stock may bring a tremendous infusion of capital and could help to propel the company to[...]
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Securities law legal services for Texas businesses

For Texas businesses who are interested in securities transactions and would like professional legal guidance on these matters, Whitley LLP is here to help. We have the experience and the knowledge to provide the necessary legal services for your company. Many business investment transactions intersect with federal securities law. When your business is seeking to[...]
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