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Securities law legal services for Texas businesses

For Texas businesses who are interested in securities transactions and would like professional legal guidance on these matters, Whitley LLP is here to help. We have the experience and the knowledge to provide the necessary legal services for your company.

Many business investment transactions intersect with federal securities law. When your business is seeking to raise money, either by taking the company public or seeking investment in some other way, it is important to maintain securities compliance in order to avoid an investigation by the SEC. Additionally, ongoing compliance, such as drafting and submitting the appropriate SEC filings, is necessary to stay out of legal trouble. If you are looking to form an investment company such as a hedge fund, adherence to these laws is also of the utmost importance.

Attorney Samuel Whitley has worked with Texas businesses on securities laws and other business law issues for over a decade. He and his firm can assist clients like you with the preparation of securities registration documents, private placement memoranda and the required ongoing compliance filings. The firm prides itself on providing clients with a structured legal strategy with transparent billing procedures. We provide these services on a one-time basis or as an ongoing general legal counsel role, dealing with the complex business and regulatory needs that companies face.

Our firm offers free consultations to new clients in order to understand the particular legal issues involved give you an idea of the amount of work and the legal fees necessary to meet your goals. For more details on our work in the area of securities law, please view our practice page on the subject. To learn more about Samuel Whitley and the firm in general, you can view those pages for more information.

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