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Instagram’s change in terms of agreement cause user unrest

Many users of the popular photo-sharing website Instagram were outraged this month when the service announced that it was going to be changing some of the language in their terms of service. Generally this wouldn’t have been a big deal had the new wording not suggested to users that not only would their uploaded pictures[...]
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Texas contract dispute over bar ends with confidential settlement

A contract dispute can be burdensome to Texas entrepreneurs trying to run a business. It is therefore useful for business owners to try to handle such matters as promptly and efficiently as possible. Recently, a contract dispute that threatened the existence of a new Corpus Christi bar pitted new owners against former ones who were trying to[...]
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Contract dispute between contractor and gas plant in Harris County

The state of Texas is experiencing the same economic turmoil as the rest of the country. Businesses are under greater pressure today to make sure their business operations are running smoothly and safely and not impairing their bottom line. When these operations do not go as planned, the result is often a contract dispute between[...]
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Texas contract dispute may go to bench trial

As many companies struggle to make ends meet in these difficult times, it has become all the more important to enforce contractual obligations. Unfortunately, breach of contract disputes are all too common, especially when one company has already performed its obligations in good faith. One such dispute is currently making its way through the Texas court system.[...]
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