Contract dispute between contractor and gas plant in Harris County

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Contract dispute between contractor and gas plant in Harris County

The state of Texas is experiencing the same economic turmoil as the rest of the country. Businesses are under greater pressure today to make sure their business operations are running smoothly and safely and not impairing their bottom line. When these operations do not go as planned, the result is often a contract dispute between parties engaged in services meant to smooth out business matters. Such is the case for a hydrogen production plant that is suing a contractor for breach of contract.

The case was recently filed in the Harris County District Court in Texas on Nov. 17. The plaintiffs in this represent a production plant that manufactures and distributes industrial and medical gases. The gas plant is suing a construction company. The suit filed cites breach of warranty and breach of contract.

The plaintiffs allege that the contractor agreed to design and build the gas plant. However, according to court documents, the plaintiffs had to perform numerous repairs and inspections, and experienced malfunctions with many of the fans installed by the construction company. One such problem was a newly installed fan that reportedly hurled sizeable pieces of metal at the walls of the plant. The plaintiffs are seeking damages in addition to court costs.

It is important to note that there are at least two sides to every story in any civil matter. While perhaps accurate, the story of this case in initial media reports stems from documentation supplied by the plaintiffs. Thus it must be remembered that the complaint represents the plaintiffs’ side, and is no indication of guilt. Legalities in this contract dispute have only just begun, and the litigation may go to settlement or a trial, depending on actions taken and evidence provided from both parties from this point forward.

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