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Fee Structures for a Hedge Fund

If you have decided to start a hedge fund, hopefully you have taken some time to consider how you will.
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What Licenses Do I need to Set Up My Private Equity Fund?

A question that clients often ask us when preparing to start their private equity fund [ Link to private equity.
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New Opportunities for Mergers & Acquisitions in Oil & Gas Assets

The oil and gas industry is back. At least, that’s how the market is being perceived by many corporations who.
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Raising Capital through Debt & Equity

Business financing comes in two types, lending and investing. Either or both are the principal means of obtaining the capital.
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How to turn an idea into a million-dollar business

Being an entrepreneur in this day and age must be exciting as well as frightening. With so many opportunities for.
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How to start a Hedge Fund

Starting a hedge fund is more complicated than forming a corporation or LLC for a private business and involves compliance.
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